Our Approach

More Than 80% of Our Interior Construction Work is From Return Clients

Satisfaction is Part of the Process

Our clients come back to us again and again for their interior construction and finish work. We’re focused on giving building owners, tenants, architects and leasing companies precisely what they’re looking for, while ensuring that they have a positive experience in the process.

For every project, Metroplex General Contractors handpicks each member of the team – from the project manager to the individual subcontractors – to ensure your commercial interior construction projects are done right. Your project manager fully understands the scope and specifications of your construction project, down to individual selections for materials, finishes and functionality. And, your project is not managed from the cab of a truck. We keep Superintendents physically close to their projects so they maximize their time on site.

At Metroplex, we take great pride in our close attention to detail. Our project managers keep a close eye on superintendents, our superintendents carefully oversee subcontractors, and perhaps most importantly, our principals are always in the loop and accountable for the success of your interior finish project. That’s why Metroplex projects look better, work better, and are done on time.

While other contractors consider themselves a “landlord contractor” or a “tenant contractor,” Metroplex instead acts as a hub to bring all parties together and facilitate communication, prevent misunderstandings, and deliver a positive experience to everyone involved.

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Our Project Roundtable: An Integral Part of Every General Contracting Job We Do

Before we begin each construction project, Metroplex assembles all key personnel to develop a comprehensive roadmap for the project. It’s how we set expectations and make sure we all operate from the same page. This valuable session is designed to:

  • Develop a clear understanding of client expectations, along with milestones required to meet these expectations
  • Determine key dates that must be met to keep the project on schedule and within budget
  • Confirm that all deadlines are realistic and attainable
  • Identify any “red flag” items that may impact budget or schedule, and quickly work to resolve these issues
  • Name “point persons” and establish lines of communication

After our Roundtable meeting, we meet on a weekly basis throughout the course of the project to confirm that it remains on schedule and on budget.